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Student midwives’ experiences of the first wave of COVID

Midwifery courses are known to be stressful,1 mainly due to the worries of managing clinical placements, completing assignments and not…

Practice Translation

There may never be a big enough trial of waterbirth. Now what?

Regardless of the research question, randomised controlled trials (RCTs) – and the pooling of their results into meta-analyses – are…

Value-Based Maternity Care

The Learning Health System to achieve better value

There is an increasing need to deliver high value care.1 High value maternity care will produce the highest level of…


Private obstetric care increases risk of unplanned caesarean for low-risk women

How private obstetric care is funded in Australia In Australia, both public and private hospitals receive activity-based funding for maternity…

Public Health

Midwives’ role in sexual and reproductive healthcare

Access Access to sexual and reproductive health care is a fundamental human-right.  Moreover, not having access is correlated with women’s…


What increases job satisfaction for midwives?

Introduction  Job satisfaction is an individual’s evaluative judgment which is informed by accumulated experiences and feelings.1 Midwives’ job satisfaction is…

Practice Translation

Ready to implement a publicly funded homebirth program? Consider this

Homebirth in Australia The safety of homebirth in high-income countries is largely uncontested – at least in the research literature….


What pregnant women with chronic medical conditions want

“Every woman needs a midwife, some need a doctor too” 1 Up to 25% of women start pregnancy with at…


Mentoring program for undergraduate midwifery students

Introduction  Internationally, mentoring is an essential part of undergraduate midwifery education. A mentor is different to a preceptor because a…

November 15, 2021
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