Transforming Maternity Care

Our vision is to transform maternity services to best meet the needs of women and their families.

Our Collaborative is challenging the way maternity care is currently being delivered in Australia and across the globe.

Our goal is to drive the reform of maternity services to provide a primary care model that is midwife-led in the community, is accessible to all and is centred around respecting women’s’ choices. Read more about us.

Dynamic (building workforce capacity), Evolving (showing how to make the change), Progressive (making the change), Action-focused (evaluating the change).

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Practice Translation

There may never be a big enough trial of waterbirth. Now what?

Regardless of the research question, randomised controlled trials (RCTs) – and the pooling of their results into meta-analyses – are…

Value-Based Maternity Care

The Learning Health System to achieve better value

There is an increasing need to deliver high value care.1 High value maternity care will produce the highest level of…


Private obstetric care increases risk of unplanned caesarean for low-risk women

How private obstetric care is funded in Australia In Australia, both public and private hospitals receive activity-based funding for maternity…

@hannahdahlen @DrMikeMagro @DOckendenLtd @BHRUT_NHS @OckReview @MaternityRde @LiverpoolWomens @TeamMidwife Thanks for sharing the article Hannah. I'm deeply concerned by the recommendation to widen the use of central monitoring without evidence of whether it works, or not. I think central monitoring makes things worse and as you know have published on this.

Lack of big randomised trials should no longer be viewed as a barrier to waterbirth @JyaiAllen @hannahdahlen @KildeaSue Instead, research should focus on how to improve waterbirth practice.