Transforming Maternity Care

Our vision is to be influential in transforming maternity services to better meet the needs of women and their families.

Our Collaborative is challenging the way maternity care is currently being delivered in Australia and across the globe.

Our goal is to drive the reform of maternity services to provide a primary care model that is midwife-led in the community, is accessible to all and is centred around respecting women’s’ choices. Read more about us.

Dynamic (building workforce capacity), Evolving (showing how to make the change), Progressive (making the change), Action-focused (evaluating the change).

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Recent research

4 ways to create sustainable and satisfying midwifery continuity

Women and their babies have better outcomes and experiences when they receive care from a known midwife across the continuum…

Recent research

How does midwifery continuity reduce preterm birth? Like this!

Preterm birth Spontaneous preterm birth (<37 weeks’ gestation) is a seemingly intractable problem (WHO, 2012). Babies born preterm can have…

Recent research

The Call to Action for Birthing on Country

Indigenous mothers and babies in high-resource countries experience increased risk of adverse outcomes. These outcomes are socially determined – a…

Review @DebDavis100 finds meaningful midwife-woman relationships, flexibility and control, professional autonomy and identity, and specific practice arrangements predict successful models. Blog @Mary_Sidebotham @JyaiAllen

Birthing on Country works but many Indigenous families cannot access clinically and culturally safe care. We all have a role to play says @MollyCentre Sophie Hickey @DrRoey01 @KildeaSue