Transforming maternity services is not an easy feat, as it involves whole of system re-design, a shake-up of roles, responsibilities, structures and desired health outcomes.

We are focused on getting it right for the most vulnerable in our community. Using a human rights-based approach, we use a social model of health to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in everything we do.

As a Collaborative, we are working together to:

  • Generate and translate evidence about the benefits of continuity of midwifery care to enable universal access to this maternity model.
  • Create and foster partnerships of a significant scope and reach to implement maternity system reform.
  • Influence policy makers, regulators, legislators, educators and service providers to strengthen the maternity care system.
  • Partner with community-level agencies and groups to authentically co-create strategies and resources to implement woman-centred care in their own communities and practice settings.
  • Showcase successful and sustainable exemplars of maternity service reform.