Private obstetric care increases risk of unplanned caesarean for low-risk women

How private obstetric care is funded in Australia In Australia, both public and private hospitals receive activity-based funding for maternity…

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Ready to implement a publicly funded homebirth program? Consider this

Homebirth in Australia The safety of homebirth in high-income countries is largely uncontested – at least in the research literature….


What pregnant women with chronic medical conditions want

“Every woman needs a midwife, some need a doctor too” 1 Up to 25% of women start pregnancy with at…

First Nations

Reclaiming childbirth for First Nations’ families – the Djäkamirr documentary

Introduction In remote North East Arnhem land in the Northern Territory of Australia, First Nations women and babies experience profound…

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Centralising maternity care in low- and middle-income countries: A worthy goal?

Maternity waiting homes Maternity waiting homes (MWHs), consisting of residential accommodation for pregnant women to wait close to obstetric facilities…

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Lost in translation: ‘evidence’ and ‘woman-centredness’ in clinical practice guidelines

Clinical practice guidelines Clinical practice guidelines have the potential to improve care quality and reduce adverse outcomes (Kredo et al.,…

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How does midwifery continuity reduce preterm birth? Like this!

Preterm birth Spontaneous preterm birth (<37 weeks’ gestation) is a seemingly intractable problem (WHO, 2012). Babies born preterm can have…

Value-Based Maternity Care

What makes maternity care “worth it”?

Childbirth is the most common reason for hospitalisation and the most expensive. Many high-income countries have witnessed escalating obstetric intervention…

August 2, 2021
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COVID-19 related maternity restrictions – more harm than good?

COVID-19 maternity care restrictions During the global COVID-19 pandemic, maternity care guidelines have been produced rapidly and largely without evidence…


Decisions aids & staff training needed for shared decision making

Rising rates of induction and caesarean In high-income countries, rates of induction of labour and caesarean section (CS) are rising…