AMMA works strategically to enable evidence informed policy and practice resulting in high quality, maternity services.


• Woman-centred care respects and values women’s autonomy and right to self-determination.
• Midwifery is a distinct profession from nursing and must be led by midwives educated to work to their full scope of practice.
• Pregnancy and birth are primarily normal psycho-social, physiological processes.
• Midwives work autonomously as health professionals with a defined scope of practice and collaborate when/if required to achieve the best outcomes for women and their babies.
• Best outcomes for childbearing women and their babies are achieved through continuity of midwifery carer provided by midwives educated, regulated, and working in an enabling


• Provides expertise in analysis, research and consultation related to any aspect of midwifery and maternal and newborn services and care across four themes: policy, regulation,
legislation, and funding.
• Influences policy makers, regulators, legislators, funders, maternity service providers, researchers, and educators to drive the transformation of maternity services.
• Lobbies for separate midwifery legislation and professional midwifery leadership across all Australian jurisdictions.
• Challenges regulation, funding, policy, and practice that precludes values informed, evidence based maternal and newborn services.
• Highlights deficiencies and holds to account policy makers and leaders of health services by working strategically to show inequities, and inefficiencies in care.
• Supports the development of early and mid-career leaders and consumer advocates.
• Increases the visibility of midwifery.


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Contact Chair of AMMA, Dr Jyai Allen: jyai.allen@transformingmaternity.org.au